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May 20, 2024

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My name is Robbie Michels. I spent 32 years in the water conditioning industry all with one company. RainSoft. RainSoft was known in the industry as being very strong in selling water conditioning equipment. I want to help you grow your business like I did for many other highly successful dealers and sales people.

Robbie Michels

I started with RainSoft in June 1976 as a newly hired sales person with no sales experience at all. I was 19 years old. I soon became the top sales person in the region and then top ten in the country, earning every award that could be won for a sales person. After one year as a salesperson I bought out the dealer I started with from the commissions I earned as a sales person. I was their youngest dealer ever. I started hiring and training sales people and my dealership grew fast. I then opened a second office and it took off too. In 1978 I did a sales workshop at a Regional Convention on selling and closing techniques that I developed. It was a big hit. I was asked to do the same thing at the RainSoft International Convention. Again, it was a big hit. Soon after, RainSoft offered me an opportunity to be the National Sales Trainer with RainSoft. This was 1979 and I was 22 years old. I sold my dealership and went to work for RainSoft directly and I never looked back. I eventually got promoted to District Manager and then Regional Director over the Great Lakes Region. When I took over this region it was underdeveloped and I grew it to be RainSofts biggest and most productive region. We had the highest closing rates, highest sales people retention rate, and the highest dealer retention rate too. Since I was paid on straight commission, for which I wouldn't of wanted it any other way, I was soon the highest paid person of anyone at RainSoft. I then was offered the opportunity to take over the Southeast Region and go back home to Florida. This region too was under developed and I soon had this Region the best in RainSoft. I put countless of dealers and sales people in business over my career for which many are still there today. RainSoft President and Founder John Grayson said, no one put on more dealers in RainSoft than I did. However, getting them I found for me was easy. Now I had to make them successful and keep the promises I made them which is exactly what I did. In many cases, these new dealers moved their entire families to another town or state that was available, invested their money in this business, many their life savings, and had their life on the line. They put their total trust in me. I wasn't about to let them down!

Along the way I was offered VP of Sales three times. I turned it down every time because it meant moving to Chicago, sitting behind a desk, and taking a huge pay cut. I told them it’s not for me. I learned a long time ago, a promotion doesn't always mean more success. I was best working in the field with the dealers and sales people. Why, because that is where I was effective. This is where I was an asset to RainSoft, the dealers, the sales people, and myself. I soon became a board of director and one of the highest stock holders in the company.

In April of 2008 I was diagnosed with a neuromuscular disease that affected my walking, getting out of a chair, climbing stairs, etc. I reluctantly retired because I couldn't physically travel and do my job anymore. However, it never affected my talking, memory, and with the modern virtual computers of today, I have an offer for you. 

As a dealer, what would it be worth to you to have a video sales meeting on the first and third Monday of every month before you open your office done by me personally? Meetings on being in the water business, the demo, closing, handling objections, referrals, preventing cancellations, running leads, and just about everything else related to your business sales. After all, no sales, no money! I am also going to include an additional video periodically, like every other month, for you the dealer and sales managers that will be on the 2nd Monday of each month when they come out.

In that video we will cover hiring, training, leads, when to hire, handling sales slumps, when to promote, when to expand, sales incentives, awards, commissions, etc. I will also be available by phone to talk to you and do direct virtual sales meetings with your dealership directly to solve any problems you may have. Never will I be talking about pie in the sky stuff. I am going to teach you and your people techniques that you can take into the field tonight and make money today! Your sales people are only concerned about making their rent or mortgage payment, car payment, and supporting their family. They can't eat or spend pie in the sky stuff. The same goes for you too, the dealer. The bills and overhead don't take a break and they keep coming in every month.

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Today, leads cost a fortune. Some cases up to $1000.00 per sale. If you have untrained sales people running your expensive leads, it’s costing you the dealer big time!. And you are losing sales people because they are not making money. Do you really know what it costs you to hire and train a sales person only to lose them because they are not selling? You and your people can't afford to waste another day. Here is my offer for you. My introductory fee will be $199.00 per month per dealer.  You and your people are not going to want to leave once you get started. As you can see, this is way less than any single lead cost. You probably spend more money on coffee and donuts per month.  For what you will pay me monthly for a year is less than 2 blown leads that don't sell because of sales people not trained or skilled properly. And no matter how big or small your business is, I will help you do better! Many of the dealers on the reference page who know me said I was not charging enough. I know that. The private virtual meetings will be between you the dealer and I. You just have to contact me. I promise I will help you. Please note: any call between a dealer and I will be held in the strictest confidence! When you check my references you will find this is true with me. What happens in your dealership, stays in your dealership! I could never of been able to help any dealer if they didn't trust me. It would also have kept me from being effective in helping any dealer and I would not of been as successful as I was nor would my dealers of been as successful either. And it doesn't matter what brand of equipment you sell, I will help make you, your sales people, and your business better than it is now. I promise. 

The dealer is the backbone of the water conditioning industry. No dealers, there is no water conditioning industry. And most of the time you are alone. You get many promises of help and support, but do you really get any help? And If you do get help, is it really effective? Do you see results? You don't need someone coming around to buy you lunch or dinner who doesn't know anymore about the business than you do. I love this business. It was not work to me. As you can see from the fee I'm charging I won't be getting rich again. With modern technology this will keep me busy since I can't get around physically. I want to help others become successful in the water conditioning industry like I did for many dealers, sales managers, sales people, district managers, and regional managers that I hired and trained did. Please know that I can’t take on everyone. So sign up soon. 

I hope you allow me to help you grow your business.

May all your demos end with yes,

Robbie Michels CWS


Watch for Robbie’s book soon to be released!

Lessons Learned From A Sales Master Who Really Did It

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