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June 17, 2024

The Last Resort Close

Condition or Objection?

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These videos will cover topics such as why the water conditioning business, sales presentation, demo techniques, closing the sale today, handling objections, getting your price and not selling too cheap, referrals, preventing cancellations, running leads, getting into the home, door openers, third party closing, and much more. I will also be answering dealer requests on topics too.

I will be also doing videos for the dealer and sales manager on when to hire, when to expand, training sales people, commissions, bonuses, awards, promotions, sales meetings, dealing with competitors, and much more. These videos will come out periodically, like every other month on the 2nd Monday of the month. 

Our videos are part of the most extensive and effective video sales library in the water conditioning industry!

I will also be available for consultation by phone anytime. Call me with any issues you may have. There is not much I have not seen in this business. You can also email too anytime.
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This will be the best $199.00 your business ever invested in. If I increase your business by only 2 water conditioner sales, it will probably pay your subscription for about an entire year or more  depending on your retail price. However, I am not just interested in increasing your business by just 2 sales. I am planning on way way more than that and you should too. Bottom line, I probably won’t be costing you anything!

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